The Venus Factor System Review

The Venus Factor is a fitness and diet system created specifically for women. In its potential for transforming the female body this program adopts a revolutionary approach. It works and this has created a buzz of excitement in the entire world.

The exclusive women weight loss program

Many women tend to be very critical of their bodies. In most cases women let lifestyle take control. Then end up skipping the gym, having children, sitting behind a desk, adding a few pounds, and before you know it those few kilograms multiply and it becomes very hard to lose them. It becomes a constant struggle to keep off the weight.

Why is it so difficult to lose weight and keep it off? The reason why many of these programs don’t work is because they are created for men, and as you might already know women and men lose weight quite differently.

Women bodies are designed to bear children. For this reason, we store fat in the belly, thighs and butt to facilitate a healthy pregnancy when food was scarce while foraging and hunting for food. The present day woman has abundant food available for them therefore we require a system that works with our specific body requirements now.

There are numerous diets out there :gluten-free ,high omega fats ,low-fat ,no ‘white’ carbs ,low- carbs the list goes on … The Venus factor is different since one of the most important elements of this system is leptin.

fit woman

What is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone that controls weight, appetite and metabolism. Unfortunately most women have leptin resistance. Their bodies respond in different ways compared to men. Very frequently in our endeavor for weight loss,the leptin indicators are switched off and this results in over eating because our brain has not received the signal from the stomach that we are full. In fact leptin resistance rises after pregnancy. In the effort to lose weight, we wrongly cut down on calories, but drastically decreasing your food intake may actually slow down your metabolism.

There’s Good News Ladies

Rather than have leptin undermine our efforts, The Venus Factor system shows you how to make use of leptin to your advantage. Women produce twice the amount of leptin than men do. The program teaches you the secret of accessing leptin for weight loss and how what you eat determines the amount of leptin your body will use up.

Unlike most of the other weight loss programs that hardly produce results and are just gimmicks, the Venus factor is different. It helps in kick starting your metabolism. There’s no need to get confused about what foods to purchase while grocery shopping with the virtual nutritionist.

You not only lose weight as you get your sexy, firm body back in shape with the exercise videos, but will as well get nutritional advice. The complete package actually will change the shape of your body. The program additionally includes access to the online Venus Factor community of women, who are undertaking the same program as you. There you will share each other’s success stories, provide encouragement and find support.

The benefits

The Venus Factor system is super easy to follow because it is simple ,flexible and well constructed .You get to see the results right before your eyes week after week ,keeping you motivated even when some of the exercises are really demanding but achievable. The system helps you understand that most of the professed dieting truths are in fact just myths. You will discover that the diet plan is satisfying and easy to follow with no hunger pangs or cravings. On top of that, you learn about the specific problems women have when fighting weight loss and how to fix them. The results keep you motivated.

Truth about the Universal Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction states that thoughts become tangible things if held long enough. This law has been subjected to a lot of criticism with realists and pragmatists arguing that it is no more than unfortunate wishful thinking. However, the proponents of the universal of attraction have come up with strong arguments that render the existence and workability of this law credible.

Examples of men and women who simply said no to failure and kept seeing success in every failure do make this law true and reliable. What made Abraham Lincoln keep hoping that he would still make it despite the many times he failed, until he actually made against all odds, leaves something beyond the ordinary to be desired.

Thomas Edison, the since doyen who lit the world after so many years of darkness, must have been a believer in the universal law of attraction because he had nothing else to keep him going after so many failed attempts to write the first bulb. He is himself quoted as saying that if you could visualize it, then you could as well achieve it. From his indomitable determination, it is hardly possible that Mr. Edison relied on mere guesswork or a mere stubborn hope.


Summarily, the universal law of attraction is no respecter of persons. It gives you what you give it. If you choose to believe that it is not true, then it proves that it is not true. On the other hand, if you trust that it indeed works, then it works. As such, it is impractical to debate about the feasibility of this law. This is because anyone who wants to prove that it does not work will succeed. Oppositely, those that set forth to prove that it works, readily succeed in doing so. With both sides having their way, it becomes immaterial discussing the veracity of this law. Because success is a personal affair, and so is failure, there is no need arguing about both. If you know something that brings you success, then you should pursue it undeterred and succeed, despite the contrary opinion of naysayers. If you succeed, then they will be heard asking you about your secret for success. Now it is your turn to preach about the benefits of believing in the universal law of attraction!

The Forbes Magazine has been tracking millionaires from all over the world. After intensive interviews, there emerges to be nothing away from the ordinary in these heavily moneyed people, apart from their success-drunk mindsets. It appears that the universal law of attraction is tucked somewhere in the secret recesses of millionaires brain. This is because, contrary to the widespread belief that colossal wealth can only be inherited, most millionaires and billionaires are self-made men and women. Another striking feature is that most of these achievers start out small and, with a clear image of what they want to achieve, end up topping the charts. Of crucial note, is the fact these people encounter tough obstacles that would easily make anyone quit at once.

This is the question: Why don’t they (billionaires) quit? Whether or not they know it, they exercise the universal law of attraction by staying focused on the larger picture ahead.

ED Protocol Contents and Benefits

ED protocol book is an e book that talks about erectile dysfunction and ways to permanently reverse it.The book was written by researcher Jason Long, a sufferer of Erectile Dysfunction himself. This manual aims at letting the user understand the causes of Erectile Dysfunction as well as providing a safe, natural solution to the disorder. It does this by providing a step by step protocol or program that any person can follow in order to treat the disorder.

couple in bed

Unlike other manuals, this system doesn’t just give you a list of testosterone boosters that men should take which usually prove to be ineffective. No! This program provides you with natural and permanent solutions that will help in reversing the problem. It does this by bringing to your awareness the different natural supplements,healthy foods and simple exercises that will boost your blood vessel dilation as well as erection quality, frequency and endurance. In summary the volume provides:

- A complete list of amino acids and proteins that increase and improve dilation as well as blood flow to the organ
– A list of few supplements that actually target the underlying causes and,works to permanently reverse the condition
– A set of instructions on how to make a diet and supplement system that will work towards permanently reversing the condition

1) Quick Recovery
By following this e book,a user can expect a speedy recovery from the disorder. Most users of this method have reported experiencing positive changes within 2-3 days,with even better results coming just after a week of strictly adhering to the protocol. According to the manual, the best part is after four to six weeks when the vessels will have reconditioned themselves to dilate at their best making no need for any further steps to be taken.

2) A Secure Substitute
Although prescription drugs and testosterone injections are known to work for some men, they both come at a cost. For instance prescription drugs come with side effects such as severe headaches and testosterone injections increase the risk of acquiring prostate cancer. But with the the system put in place by this book you can be sure that no adverse side effects will be experienced because no prescription drugs are needed and all the compounds can be found in natural supplements or food.

3) Cost Effective Solution
Traditional treatments tend to be quite costly, due to all the doctor visits and payment for medications that might not even work. The program provided here costs less than the traditional treatments because most items provided in the publication can be purchased from health stores at a very cheap price.

With this e book most men have a chance at a secure,cheap and smart solution to their ED problem. The system will allow most men to get back to their peak days and have a good performance. It can be understood that you might get sceptical about this method, that’s why its a good idea to read this erectile dysfunction protocol review. In addition, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee in case you feel it isn’t right for you. So what are you waiting for? Go get your own copy to permanently relieve yourself and be happy!

Some Muscle Building Requirements

Muscle building requires commitment and hard work as consistency is key for this to be achieved. Whether you are looking to add that pump on your chest, back, shoulders or legs there are several ways for you to gain ponds of muscles in a matter of months. If you are hitting the gym regularly, you must observe a diet to ensure that you have the energy to go through your workout sessions.

I know gaining fat is scary but what is more scary is building muscles that you cannot even see but a good diet ensures that you build strong visible muscles for that masculine look. First, you should control portion sizes during mealtime. Note that most meals should target 40-60 grams of proteins but this depends on your body size.

ripped femaleHow you time your meals is also key when bulking up as it supports gains as well as contributes greatly in controlling body fat levels. The size of your meals should be increased at breakfast and after the training session reason being that your body craves more nutrients and calories at this time after a night’s sleep. If your goal is to see pounds of muscle packed on your frame there are a couple of foods that should always be on your shopping list.

They include: egg whites, chicken or turkey, fish, beans and legumes, lean red meat, water and whey protein. If you Carefully select and incorporate into your daily diet the right foods and supplements, then you are on the right path to achieving the body shape that you always dream of. Selecting the perfect workout plan is crucial to ensure that you get the desired result.

If you search for the workout plan you should follow, you will get thousands of different sets, exercises and schedules which probably won’t suit you. What you need to do is make significant progress during the workouts by gradually increasing the weights you lift. If you lift the same weights and do the same exercises, then your body will remain the same and no progress will be made.

The intensity of your training needs to increase in a gradual manner in order to give your body a reason to build muscles. For a beginner, each muscle group should be trained 3 times a week but for experienced trainers, each muscle group should be trained twice a week. Some of the muscle building techniques that you should do progressively include: dead-lifts, overhead press, squats, rows, bench press and pull ups.

For those looking for short cuts to gaining muscles through body building supplements and steroids, it is not highly advised but all prescriptions should be by a qualified pharmacist. The supplements used to replace meals and enhance weight gain should be used in appropriate quantities as you don’t want to have health complications or uneven muscle gain.

Muscle building should be fun but at the same time, hard work is required as well as strict observation of proper diet and a progressive workout plan to ensure you get that well built healthy body. You can learn more by reading about the Kyle Leon somanabolic muscle maximizer system.

How To Save Your Marriage

While some marriages are strengthened by difficulties, research shows most marriages falter when faced by adversities such as changing lifestyle, economic crisis and unmet expectations. In US for instance, 48 percent of couples separate before their 20th anniversary while in China divorce rates rose by 13 percent in 2013. According to the language of desire review, divorce affects separating couple’s health and the well being of their children. It’s therefore wise to adopt proactive measures to keep your marriage intact in difficult times. Learn how to save your marriage from tips below.

unhappy couple

Adopt an open communication.

Essentially, most of the misunderstandings in marriages occur due to poor communication. Communication breakdown leads to dissatisfaction, tension and subsequently lack of trust. Couples should actively discuss any information that affects their relationship, listen deeply to their partners and avoid anger at times of argument. More so, expression and body language must be used with caution as they form part of communication.

Keep marriage intimate.

Sharing feelings with a partner strengthens communication in the marriage. Intimacy evokes a whole range of emotional closeness that ideally strengthens the marriage. Quite often though, most couples loose their intimacy as their marriages grow older. Misunderstanding, commitment to work and financial crisis can lower intimacy level thus weakening the bond. As such, couples should frequently engage in sessions that break routine activities so as to raise their intimacy levels. This can include night dates, picnics and even dancing.

Offer full support to your partner.

Each partner in marriage have their areas of interest in life. Supporting your partner’s honest endeavors in full makes the marriage stronger. This includes support in education, life interests such as martial arts or dance classes, community courses among many others. This creates trust, and openness. Most importantly, befriend and cheer up your partners in their time of need.

Be respective.

While arguments are commonplace in marriage, it’s paramount to respect each other even when difficulties arise. Specifically, avoid verbal and physical abuse during arguments, keep your voice controlled and never assume your partner even in argumentative situations. Marriages that characterized with personal attacks, threats and violence are more likely hit dead ends than those with a thriving communication.

Show affection.

In marriage, it’s the small acts of affection which makes the difference. A small gift, honest compliments and assurance nourishes your marriage a great deal. Assist with some chores to lessen the burden on your partner when necessary and surprise her with presents that she has always wanted and to keep in touch with in-laws.

Set aside time for your partner.

Constant absenteeism creates a communication vacuum that weakens marriage bond significantly. After all, intimacy can only thrive when partners spend valuable time together. It thus matters to set apart sufficient time for your partner without letting work and life preoccupations interfere with your relationship.

Bottom Line.

There’s no denying that intimacy and love bond weakens as marriage progress in years. However, open communication, trust, respect and dedication can turn problematic marriages into a thriving, healthy relationship. A healthy marriage is not only beneficial to couples, but also favors their children as well.

How to Get a Guy to Like You

Loving or being fond of another person without receiving the same in return can be more than frustrating. The situation can be even worse if it is a lady who is involved in such a challenging condition. This is because there is wide belief that it is the responsibility of a man, and not a lady, to make the first move. Anyway, what if a lady happens to meet a guy that she likes a lot, but she is not sure whether he feels the same? Such a situation can be tricky and can keep a lady up all night, feeling lost and trying to figure out how to go about it. Here are some proven ways on how to get a guy to like you according to Obsession Phrases reviews online.

smiling couple

Use Your Body Language

In most cases, physical attraction is the main instigator for a conversation. Attractiveness is a pure way to unconsciously give a clue that you are healthy, happy, productive and fit. You may not be a lady of his type, but sending out non-verbal clues using your body language will definitely give him clues that you are interested. In this regard, you should be looking good and feeling your best as this will make the guy sense some sort of confidence, which is frankly attractive to men. It has been scientifically proven that we naturally tend to lean towards something we like without knowing it. This trick can be essential as you can slightly lean towards him without saying anything, and in most cases, the two of you will strike a great conversation.

Try to Mimic is His Movements

It can never be doubted that we get attracted to people who we share certain similarities. Human beings tend to like people who they are similar to, and are likely to strike a conversation with someone who they share some things in common. In this sense, a guy will probably get mesmerized if you mirror his movements, gestures as this is a clear indication that you are interested. If you are meeting him for the first time, it is advisable to mimic some of his movement in a timed manner. For instance, take a sip from your drink when he does while making sure that it’s not too obvious.

Keep Him Close

The attraction theory of proximity states that we tend to get attracted to people we see more often. If you meet him once or twice and feel like he is the one, then you may organize on how to meet him once in a while without stalking him. Similarity may play a significant role here in the sense that you may have met in the gym, library or at his or your favorite spot. If you hit a conversation on your first meeting, then you should tell him that you would wish to hang out with him again.

Spill the Beans

Reliable research shows that you will lighten up and appear much more attractive to those around you when you are talking about your passion or something you love. In this regard, talking about something you love will raise your attractiveness and help in creating closeness to him.

Get His Adrenaline Racing

Excitement that is generated by the adrenaline will probably create some level of attractiveness. Experiencing same adrenaline arousal will get him to like you. In this sense, taking him to a roller coaster, or watching a scary movie together will make him to like you and the two of you are likely to be cuddling very soon.

All about Cell Phone Tracking

Cell phones have experienced major technological advancements over the years. The advancements have even been even more robust in the current twenty first century. We have seen the introduction of the GPS system and cell tower triangulation. With just these two features, we have seen cell phone trackers come into a reality. The combination of the two makes it possible for one to pin-point your exact location at a given time.

GPS systems use several satellites to identify your movements while cell tower triangulation calculates your distance from three nearest towers. While the technology is quite helpful in cases of emergency and socializing, it poses a great danger to unsuspecting victims from stalkers and other parties with ill intentions.

Cell Phone Tracking Map

The following are some of the uses:

Emergency Services

When responding to emergencies, police, fire department and ambulance services need to identify your exact location so that they can respond appropriately. In cases where you have been incapacitated and cannot speak, just making the phone call without saying anything will ensure that you are easily located. Police have full access to the location of all the citizens at any given through direct collaboration to mobile phone carriers but at a certain fee.

Child Safety

Nowadays parents buy their children mobile phones not because they want to keep in touch, but because of tracking purposes via the cell phone trackers in the devices. Children at times wander off and get lost and cannot identify where they. However, the parents can easily locate them with much ease unlike before when the task was very daunting

Business purposes

The business fraternity is one area which has benefited majorly through the cell phone tracking system. If for instance you have a business and would like to know where your employees spend most of their time while at work, then the tracking system will be one thing you need to invest in. If you run a fleet of cargo trucks or a delivery company then monitoring your vehicles will be a major priority to you. Also in cases where you might want to know if your employees over speed or maintain the stipulated speed, the cell tracking system will be your partner.

Social life purposes

If you are a tourist and like to take photos of the places you visit then an added feature of the cell phone tracking system will come in handy. Geo Tagging lets you keep the location a photo was taken. However, one should be careful not to post such photos in the social media since this can jeopardize your privacy and consequently safety.

As much as cell phone trackers come in handy in our day to day life, there are some disadvantages you should know before making use of one.

Infringement of privacy

Traditionally, police had to have a warrant before they can get access to some of the private aspects of anyone. However, with the cell phone tracking, they do not have any warrant yet they are always monitoring our movements.

Criminal use

Think of how fatal it could be if a criminal got their hands on the tracking system. The criminal will be aware of our whereabouts and attack only when they know we are very vulnerable. With Geo tagging, anyone can know where we are, especially if you post on social media. If for instance you are on vacation and post a Geo tagged photo on social media, then you are simply telling criminals you are not around and you can safely break into my house without anyone noticing.

How To Live With Diabetes With Exercise

People with diabetes can do various things to control their blood sugar levels. These things are meant to prevent the blood sugar from dropping to a state of hypoglycemia or rising to a state of hyperglycemia. Amongst the things that help in controlling blood sugar levels for diabetics include certain types of exercises. These exercises require to be done carefully because if not done properly they can also raise or lower the blood sugar levels. This means that a diabetic person needs to know how to live with diabetes through understanding the right exercises and how to-do them properly. Here are some exercises which are ideal for diabetics.

man lifting weight

Walking is one of the most ideal exercises for diabetics. This is because walking exercises various parts of the body in a moderate way consequently allowing proper blood flow. By walking the body is able to respond to insulin as the circulation is improved. A diabetic person who wishes to start walking as an exercise should start slowly. Such a person should start by waking for about fifteen minutes a day for about a week before adding the time gradually overtime to about an hour every day. One should carry a cell phone to call for help in case of not feeling well.

Aerobics are also ideal exercises for diabetic people because they are not intense and therefore do not consume a lot of body energy. Aerobics makes the body be able to enhance moderate blood sugar levels through sweating. After sweating some of the unwanted components are removed from the blood systems therefore allowing the blood sugar levels to be moderate. A person with diabetes can do aerobics at home where there are people who understand the condition or in a gym where there are instructors who understand this condition.

Swimming is also an appropriate exercise for a diabetic person. This is because swimming ensures that almost every body part is exercised and therefore facilitating proper blood flow. If the person swimming is taking insulin shots then the insulin will be able to get into the blood system faster therefore control blood sugar levels. The swimming should also be started moderately so as not to overwork the body.

A person with diabetics can also benefit from cycling. This is because cycling will make the body absorb the foods taken especially proteins and carbohydrates to control blood sugar levels. One can cycle outdoors where there are other people or in a gym where help can be provided in case one does not feel well.

While doing these exercises it is important to take the necessary precaution measures such as carrying a glucose meter. The meter is useful since one can keep on monitoring the glucose levels and therefore know when to stop. It is not advisable to exercise alone since one might require assistance if one is not feeling well. It is advisable to exercise in gym where the instructor has basic medical skills that can be applied if the diabetic person does not feel well while exercising.

Furthermore, one should consult a doctor prior to starting the exercises so as to be advised on the appropriate exercises to do. Therefore, people with diabetes can control their blood sugar levels and enhance healthy living through the outlined exercises.